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 Bouygues Building Canada fosters a spirit of competition, continuous learning and effective team-work.

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Exciting, high-profile projects

Bouygues Building Canada has built its reputation on its ability to handle difficult, daring and prestigious projects. All of them are technical exploits which form the men that build them and are their pride and joy.

An international career, if you want one

As part of Bouygues Construction’s Group, You will have the possibility of relocating to another Bouygues entity on completion of your experience in Canada.

Diverse teams

We hire employees with a variety of profiles, cultural backgrounds and experiences. This diversity allows us to create high-potential teams (in terms of skills, creativity, competitiveness, collective pride) that are capable of working on ambitious projects. Diversity is the key to our long-standing success in such a dynamic and growing sector, which is why we continue to promote it at every possible level.

A socially responsible company that is fully aware of environmental issues

Capitalising on initiatives by all subsidiaries, Bouygues Construction Group developed an ambitious and pragmatic sustainable development programme. This aims to reconcile our objectives in terms of profitability with the social, cultural and environmental impact of our activities.

For the design of buildings or other constructions, we provide advice on the choice of techniques and materials to be used, based on the application of a life cycle analysis. We organise research projects on sustainable construction and develop high environmental quality construction works when we are their designers.

Then, in carrying out construction work, we do everything possible to reduce and recycle the waste produced by our work, to control and limit energy use, and to save natural resources. We are also committed to developing consultation and feedback with local residents to limit the nuisance caused by construction sites.

Entrepreneurial, professional and reactive

Bouygues Building Canada is a Canadian contractor in the communities in which it operates, but has the backing of a large international Group. You will find us to be entrepreneurial, professional and reactive. You will be provided with all the human and material resources you will need to fulfill your objectives.

Our decision-making procedures guarantee efficient and rapid action, as well as controlled costs and completion times. Bouygues Building Canada fosters a spirit of competition, continuous learning  and effective team-work.
The system encourages employees to adopt a rigorous and responsible approach to their work, and to contributes to the richness and dynamism of Bouygues Building Canada. Managers are familiar with the Group's methodology, organizational procedures and professional approach, and thus become the guarantors of the corporate culture that has made us successful in Canada and abroad.